Working Together for Kentucky’s Families

We are the Democratic House of Representatives, working together for the people and for common good of all Kentuckians.  Good government is when great things are accomplished for all.

Our core principles include:

Educating our children

We believe in excellent, quality public education that begins in early childhood and continues through adulthood.

Strengthening our economy

We believe in providing the opportunity for a living wage for all Kentucky citizens and for creating an economic climate that fosters innovation, entrepreneurship and growth.

Providing energy independence and relief

Kentucky is a commonwealth with abundant natural resources.  We believe we must be responsible stewards for our environment while using every advantage to produce high quality, affordable energy sources for our citizens and our businesses.

Protecting our agriculture industry

We believe in protecting our important agriculture industry by providing new opportunities for farmers to provide new technology raw materials and alternative crops.  We also promote healthy living and support Kentucky Proud programs that feature Kentucky’s farmers and entrepreneurs.

Upholding law and justice

Kentucky’s Constitution provides for the protection of its citizens and their individual and civil rights and freedoms.  We uphold these laws and will defend the principles of the constitution that defend liberty and justice for each and every individual.

Photos courtesy of LRC Public Information.