Rep. Dennis Keene’s End of Session Viewpoint Published in the NKY Tribune

Dennis Keene: A look back at KY General Assembly, good and bad, and how policies will play out

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Northern Kentucky Tribune – The 2017 session of the Kentucky General Assembly is now history, and with its conclusion comes the consideration of what was accomplished, both good and bad, and how the adoption of these policies will play out for the future of the Commonwealth.

It was a busy session, with 793 bills introduced overall, and 203 approved by both chambers. Already signed into law by the governor are 146 bills. Additionally, the governor vetoed four measures – including an important mental health care bill that enjoyed widespread, bipartisan support – but each of those vetoes were overridden by both the House and the Senate when we met in our final two days of the session. That means those bills become law “notwithstanding” the governor’s veto.

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