Prichard Committee Estimates Charter Schools Funding to be $7,178 per student

Kentucky’s leading public education authority, The Prichard Committee, estimates that the cost per pupil transferring from a public school to one of the Commonwealth’s new charters schools will be $7,178 per pupil. For a school district losing 100 students to charter schools, the loss of revenue will be $717,800 per year.

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| Post By Susan Perkins Weston |

In addition to calling for charter schools to share in SEEK funding and categorical funding, House Bill 471 specifies that “any state appropriation for retirement, health, or life insurance benefits made on behalf of a local public school employee shall also be made on behalf of a public charter school employee.”

For 2016-17,  those on-behalf payments average out to:

  • $1,027 per student for school employee health insurance
  • $574 per student for certified employee retirement
  • $2 per student for employee life insurance           
  • $1,603 per student for the three kinds of benefits

Those can also be added to the estimates in earlier posts:

  • $4,672 as the average per student from SEEK base and add-ons
  • $758 as the average per student from categorical programs
  • $1,603 as the average above for the three kinds of benefits
  • $7,178 as the average per student combining all those sources