Rep. Steve Riggs to chair national insurance committee for legislators

Frankfort — State Representative Steve Riggs, who has long played a leading role in the state’s efforts to help Kentuckians with their insurance needs, will take on that responsibility nationally this coming year after being named chairman of a key committee overseen by the National Conference of Insurance Legislators.

 “NCOIL is such an influential organization when it comes to insurance law, so this is truly an honor,” said Rep. Riggs, who will lead its Property-Casualty Insurance Committee.  “My goal will be to see what we can do to make this type of insurance more affordable and more widely available.”

Rep. Riggs, D-Jeffersontown, said one area wants his committee to cover is the impact natural disasters can have on the insurance market.  “Kentucky, which has seen numerous disasters during the last few years – from record wind damage to an historic ice storm – is unfortunately no stranger to these events,” he said.  “While we obviously have no control over Mother Nature, we must make sure that our citizens have what they need to re-build.  This committee can draft model legislation to help states be better prepared in the future.”

 As a legislator, Rep. Riggs serves as vice chairman of the Kentucky House of Representatives’ Banking and Insurance Committee, and he is chair of the chamber’s Local Government Committee.  In his private profession, he works as an insurance broker in Louisville.